What is GIS

GIS is loading data into a computer to be viewed as a digital map showing not only where something is but details of what it is.  This data is analyzed and reprocessed and refined into an understandable format for the public, business owners, government offices, and city planners.  Google Earth is a limited GIS, so is google maps.  The process of generating driving directions for you is one way GIS works for the general public not only showing you a map of the route but showing textual information on how to get there.  Behind every system are workers loading data and ensuring the system is up to date and accurate for applications such as these.

GIS is a constant learning experience for the novice and professional, particularly in its analytical capabilities.  In many cases there is more than one way to arrive at the conclusion you wish to achieve or maybe you won’t achieve it at all if you are unfamiliar with the many tools and functions of the system.  Having at least a basic understanding of what a Geographic Information System does and how to use the abundance of tools and features will allow you to advance your career as a GIS specialist, analyst, developer, map maker, business owner etc.  A certification or fluency in the software increases your marketability to prospective employers.  — (My Explanation)

GIS Forum Sites/Wikis



GIS Employment and Industries



Interface of ArcGIS 9.3

ArcGIS is just one of many GIS platforms. Others include ArcGlobe and ArcScene. Pictured is the platform used by Millersville University for their introduction to GIS.

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