How Will Average Joe Buy Into Saving The Earth

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Environmental, Its all geospatial!
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As a geographer I admire the earth for many reasons.  For its beauty, its power, its size, its diversity, its complexity but most of all its my home and a gift from god that should be respected but itself is a resource.  Saving the earth from climate change (not global warming) is not actually the be all end all on my bucket list.  Especially in these economic times.  There are however environmentally conscious industries in the U.S. that deserve more praise and recognition on the world stage, particularly in the realm of sustainable industries.  This means preservation and replacement of resources.  The National Forest program pays testament to preservation initiatives in the U.S. while state initiatives on sustainable development and forestry exist in many states.

So amidst pressure from the world stage for America to lead by example this is an example of an initiative that appears overlooked while complaints of carbon emissions from our automobiles are front and center.  On this topic, an appropriate message to government bureaucrats should be patience… and allow tangible (monetary) reasons for a rural middle class American purchase a clean emissions automobile.  Start in the cities where the highest levels of CO2 emissions occurr and leave rural America at peace to do the heavy lifting it provides for the country with its diesel powered machinery and vehicles.  Time and innovation will  get us there.

I believe in environmental awareness and trust that rural America will do its part how and when it makes the most sense to do so.  Why do we really pick up trash in the first place, because it is unhygienic and not pleasing to look at.  It’s not rocket science; It’s intuition.  Why do we recycle? We really don’t unless it is convenient and easy.  I at least don’t see myself driving 20 miles out of my way on my to or from work to a recycling center to take my trash.  With time and patience, Average Joe will have no problem saving the earth.


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